About Us

My Wild India – a million star experience

Conceptualised by wild life photographer and travel writer Pralay Lahiry, and later joined by photographer Sougata De, My Wild India took off in 2011 as a wildlife and nature photography platform for anybody with a passion for the real wild and sometimes little known places of India. Having specialised knowledge of various National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, even more so from the wildlife photography point of view, My Wild India takes you to these places and assures you of a truly wild experience. We have been working in these Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks for many years and have the requisite local knowledge and contacts to give you the wildlife experience with a difference. We might not be able to provide you with luxuries of a one, two or five star comfort but promise to give you a wild yet safe wildlife experience of a million stars twinkling above you while you listen to the sound of a barking deer voicing its alarm call upon spotting the striped king while the wind ripples the leaves of the jungle. After all, if you really want to come to the jungle and feel the wilderness, why would you want a sauna or a disco? It is for you to disengage from the humdrum of civilization as we know it…. we are just the means.

Wildlife – Why us?

Many Travel Agents take you to wildlife sanctuaries/national parks like Kaziranga, Kanha, Bharatpur, etc. Here lies the difference.

Unlike other travel agents, we have intimate knowledge of the places where we conduct photography workshops & wildlife tours.

I am sure you know there are ‘tigers’ in Kaziranga and ‘pythons’ in Bharatpur. However it is not easy to locate them! We specialise in animal behaviour and habitat, and have thorough knowledge of local people and culture.

If the chances of sighting a ‘tiger’ at Kaziranga is 5% with a travel agent, with us it is 25%. Why? Please view the gallery section of “Kaziranga” for pictures of tigers of Kaziranga.

Do travel agents know the difference between the ‘mating call’ and ‘alarm call’ of a Cheetal Deer? Can they identify the different species of sandpipers (marshland Birds)? Does he know how a tiger stalks its prey, and where it is likely to be spotted? Has he avoided a charging elephant? All that and much more with My Wild India.

We work with grassroot-level local people. Hence the money spent by you reaches them. This is vital for conservation, since these are the people who would now turn protector for the flora and fauna of your National Park.

We have worked hand in hand with Indian as well as International conservationists, wildlife photographers, Travel writers and NGOs. Hence we know and provide their specific requirements.

We provide customised tours, and flexible date of journeys based on your requirements. We provide full security for all including women travellers and foreigners.

Do you require 2 safaris or 5 safaris in Tadoba? Would you like a boat safari down the Brahmaputra, or would you like to pitch a tent on the sandbanks beside river Luit? Do you want to view the sunrise on the Himalayas or prefer to concentrate on exotic birds? Do you prefer homestay? Do you prefer the romance of a boat stay in the Sundarbans or the forest guest house surrounded by the jungle? You decide, we provide!

You will always be accompanied by naturalist cum wildlife photographer Sougata De when requested.
We cannot provide 5 Star facilities, however you will certainly get a Million Star experience.

Himalayan Treks and Tours – Why Us?

Language is a vital tool for getting around the Himalayas. You will be accompanied by Shobitro Chatterjee who has spent a major part of his life there.

Logistics is a big issue in the mountains for food, sanitation, accommodation etc. These are necessary ‘Security’ ingredients. We provide it hassle free!

Women only teams, school children, corporate customers etc, all are welcome on board for a trek in the Himalayas.

Safety is of paramount importance in the hills. We have the necessary local support to provide that.

Customisation is our forte. We plan and provide based on your requirements. From travel-stay-food, from horseback-homestay-your choice of wine : You request We provide.

Portable tent toilets to high altitude tents can be provided at your request.

Pre-trek preparation and physical conditioning advice will be provided.

Hot tasty food, multilingual guides, exclusive viewing spots are all part of the fun.

The beauty of the Himalayas is best experienced under the starry sky. We recommend tent stay above anything else. Tents are warmer than log houses!

The silvery Himalayas beckon you. Team up with My Wild India.