Hilley – Barsey Rhodendron Trail

5 Nights / 6 Days Tour

Day 1 : NJP to Okhrey by car (approx. 4 hours)
Day 2 : Okhrey to Hilley by car (half an hour), Hilley to Barsey and Barsey to Dewningalay Dab trek (8km)
Day 3 : Dewningalay Dab to Acchaliey Trek (8km)
Day 4 : Acchalliey to Kallijar via Poktay Dara (8km)
Day 5 : Kallijar to Chitrey (6km) via Manbass Falls (11km)
Day 6 : Chitrey to NJP

Estimated cost for 6 pax (Indian Nationality) : Rs. 2000/- per head per day

Highlights of the trip

An unique sanctuary Barsey is covered by rhododendrons when in full bloom. The secluded mountain paths covered with mighty conifers in the heart of Eastern Himalayas is teeming with bird and animal life including the elusive Red Panda and Yellow-throated Marten. The winding paths are not too rigorous and are fit to be covered by reasonably fit trekkers. Excellent view of the mighty Kanchejhungha range greets you at every bend.